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No Bad Ideas

No Bad Ideas create premium quality headwear.  Inspired by a passion for the creative process, No Bad Ideas is built around a spirit of innovation and creative self-expression.  Set up like a design collective, No Bad Ideas leverages talent from across the globe to deliver lasting headwear at the forefront of fashion and design. 

Founded in 2007 by Andrew Moss, the vision was to create a dynamic platform bringing timeless products to the marketplace with headwear being the main attraction.  Known for The Classic Baseball Cap, we have helped forge a fashion lane within the traditionally sports dominated ball cap realm. We live and breathe our craft and take immense pride in the design and quality of each style.  No hat is complete without the No Bad Ideas metal crown, serving as a final mark of integrity.

From the very start, inspiring others to trust themselves and value their own individuality has been a critical part of our mission.  Still independently owned and operated, we understand the struggle of our communities and take pride in our position to be able to freely assist those who strive on a local and global level.  No Bad Ideas is more than a label, it’s an ideal, and its power is universal.  We are grateful for all who have been there along our journey and especially those diverse individuals who choose to wear the crown.